Wide awake and Full of Energy


Note to self: Don’t drink coffee at 9 pm while sitting around the fire pit on the deck.

fire pit

I went to sleep just fine but woke up about 3 am. What to do?  I decided to make lemon zucchini bread  with substitute ingredients as I haven’t been actually grocery shopping in forever. I figured out how to make fake cake flour. (I don’t own a sifter, though, so I was going to fake that, too.  Maybe I’d whisk the cornstarch and flour together for a few minutes,)  and also make fake buttermilk (since this was a lemon recipe I was going to use vinegar.)  I was stumped on fake eggs, so I had to give up on the zucchini bread.   I did cook up some great smelling bacon in the oven, though. Oh well –  onto crocheting a dish clothcrochetdishcloth – took a short nap, then I figured what the heck. I’ll just re-arrange the living room.








Can you see my Grandchild bamboo rug painted with Annie Sloan paint?   livingroomrearrangeMy coffee table is two storage hassocks and doubles as storage for toys.  The lids make a great ramps for cars, it seems.  The table area in the corner stores blocks, trains, automobiles, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, coloring books, and puzzles, and a pink castle.
I need to find a garage for the boys, although the pink castle works just fine.











All this before 7 am. Seems the caffeine has now worn off.









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