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A Little Lesson on Digital Citizenship


Whew!  I was about ready to pack my bag and go to Terms of Violation prison this morning.  I created a post and next thing I knew, I received a message that my blog was suspended for violating Terms of Service.  What was even worse was that everyone who follows my blog would now be seeing that message instead of my blog.  Now, seeing that I teach a master degree course on Digital Citizenship and Copyright this was downright embarrassing.  I try very hard to make sure I follow digital etiquette and copyright laws.  I searched their terms over and over and could not find what I did wrong.  So I responded with a plea to please check and let me know specifically so I could learn from my mistake and promise never to do it again…..or something like that.  I really had no clue.

My brother-in-law, however, pointed out that his daughter got a speeding ticket and complained that with all her years of driving you would think she would get credit for her past good driving record.  He mentioned that with the Internet, they may just have to tighten up  the reins on violations.  I mentioned to him that I cried twice when I was stopped for speeding (when I was younger) and got off with warnings.  No lie…..the one time I was driving my mother’s car and she is in the back telling the officer that it was her car and I didn’t realize the power it had….so OK, that time it was maybe my mother that should get the credit.  How could an officer argue with that?  The second time I was driving my boss’s car and I cried and told the officer it was my boss’s car and I wasn’t used to driving it.  Crying worked fine that time, too.

So, I’m thinking….maybe I could send WordPress a video of me crying.  I could take some Aleve for my stiff neck so I could cock my head at the right angle, I could use my new dry shampoo in my dirty hair (leaving it unstyled so I would look more pathetic)  and make my plea.  Well, before I could set it all up (really…..who would I even send it to?  There is no way to contact anyone at WordPress…no phone…no email contact)

Then I received an email from WordPress.  It seems my site was flagged in error by their automatic spam tool and they had gone in and reviewed my blog and reinstated it.  Awwwwww…such sweet relief….and now I have “Cat’s” email address in case I need to contact them in the future.   My reputation is intact.  I’m not saying what that reputation is…….that might be another story entirely.

Moral of this story:  Be sure you always practice Digital Citizenship and respect Copryight laws.  You never know when your blog might be suspended.