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Chocolate Covered Strawberries – The Easy Way


I saw this idea come through on Facebook and thought, “I can do this!”  The hardest part was finding an ice cube tray at Wal-Mart.  I didn’t own one.  We buy our ice as I don’t like using our city water for drinking or for making ice.

Materials needed:  strawberries, chocolate almond bark, ice cube tray

1.  Clean and rinse strawberries.  If large, cut in half.

2.  Melt chocolate almond bark.

3.  Spoon a little almond bark into each of the ice cube tray cube molds (what do you call these anyway?)

4.  Place a strawberry in each “mold” and press into the chocolate.

5.  Fill the rest of the “mold” with more chocolate.

6.  Put in freezer (or refrigerator) until chocolate hardens.  I prefer freezer.  It’s faster.

7.  Enjoy.

chocolate strawberries