Annie Sloan Paint – How I Custom Mixed My Colors

Annie Sloan Paint – How I Custom Mixed My Colors

I was looking for just the right Annie Sloan color.  The one we mixed at the store was not quite right once I got home.  It was just a little too dark and bright for what I wanted. I made a little adjustment and found the right mix (3:2:2) for soft, chiffon yellow.

3 parts Old Yellow, 2 parts Arles, and 2 parts Old White

So now I needed to mix this ratio of paint in the proper proportions.  I converted my 3:2:2 parts ratio to ounces for matching my 4 ounce sample containers as closely as possible.  That came to 6 ounces: 4 ounces: 4 ounces.  I was then ready to mix my paints.

I bought a plastic container at the Dollar Store. I used a measuring cup and measured water in those ratios and poured into the container, marking the different levels with a sharpie for each measurement level. I then poured the water out, dried the container, poured the correct ounces of paint in, stirred, replaced and tightened the lid, and wrote the paint mixes on the container just in case I want to use this particular color again.  I love this color!  I will be using it in my bathroom on my mirror (I will paint the trim around the yellow Paris Grey) and a vanity made from an old buffet.

I also posted this on Pinterest if you’d  like to pin it.
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1

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