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Christmas Frozen Hats


I usually crochet holiday hats.  For Christmas this year, I decided the “Frozen” theme was the way to go. Fortunately, I finished them before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I came down with a bad cold during the holidays and just couldn’t get enough strength together to tackle a photo session with the hats.  So, last week, we finally got the photos, be they what they may.  But the memories from these will be worth all the fuss….memories like Liam (Sven) yanking off his hat saying, “I don’t like it!”  Ben (Olaf) crying because he didn’t want his picture taken right then, then later posing after being promised a Starburst.  And Lucy (Elsa) – for the little girl who has always hating having her picture taken, she has learned to pose (all on her own) with the best of them.  The final photo of all of us including me (Anna) and PopPop (Kristoff) pretty much sums up the photo shoot.  Ha!

For the Elsa hat, I used the pattern from – Thanks for all your great and free tutorials!

For the rest of the hats, I used basic hat patterns and improvised.  Not the best job in the world, but the grandkids knew who they were, so that’s all that mattered.  : )

photo10frozenhats   photo (8)

photo (10)photo (7)photo (11)

photo (12)photo (9)