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A Very Chic Crocheted Bath/Shower Mat


Update: I finished a rug, over a year later.  : )  It was not the one I started, although I plan to finish that one, too.  I decided to use a softer cotton/acrylic blend.  It is so soft and the colors will match my new bathroom make over.  Scroll to down to view.

I’ve been thinking about crocheted bath/shower mats ever since a friend of mine crocheted some for her bathrooms.  As so often happens with the Internet, you begin by looking for one thing and find something else.  This happened to me the other day when I ran across exactly what I was looking for….in the colors I was thinking about even.  When I started researching this image, looking for a pattern, I couldn’t find one. This is a designer rug that sells for $795.00.

Crochet circle rug

Update:  The link for the photo on the left no longer works so I removed it.

So then the challenge was to try to find a pattern similar and then figure out how to put the circles    together.  After much trial and error, I think I’ve found the solution.  For my first attempt, I didn’t have the beautiful colors shown in the photo above, so I’m going to have to look for those online.  I also want to use cotton yarn.  But I did find some pretty colors in cotton at Walmart that look good together.  I found a pattern that I love.  It is a swirly pattern rather than a flower look, but it is easy to whip these out and to increase or decrease the size of the rounds.  I also like how puffy they are when finished.  The rug will feel so good when stepping out of the bath or shower. Here is the pattern I used.

When sewing the circles together, I wanted them close together and not see stitches.  For the most part, I think I’ve figured out a way to do that.  I just randomly started attaching different sizes together,  putting a stitch at either end, then kind of whip stitching underneath so they stayed close together.  So far that is working.

bathmat  bathmat1

This is going pretty quickly.  I will continue making random sizes of circles.  Some bigger and some smaller.


You’ll need to return to this blog post to see my progress on my bath/shower mat.  Update:  I haven’t finished this rug, yet, but I do intend to.  I decided I wanted a rug with more pastel colors and found various cotton/acrylic blends that worked well.  I did finish it.  It is very soft.  I must confess, though, I started this rug about the same time.  I was making it as a gift for my daughter-in-law (see her comment below).  Fast forward over a year later, and the rug still wasn’t finished and I have now decided to redo my bathroom.  I’m painting an old buffet a creamy lemon chiffon color to turn into a vanity and the yellow in the rug was perfect!  So, I got busy and finished the rug…..for me!  It is not very large as I ran out of yarn, but is perfect as a bath mat when stepping out of the tub or to use in front of the vanity.  I love the abstract shape that was created. This really was an easy pattern.  I just made them random sizes.  Here’s the pattern I used again Click here.  Here is the light gray yarn I used.  Polo – made in Germany; 60% cotton 40% acrylic;  the taupe yarn is Plymouth Yarn – jeannee – 51% cotton 49% acrylic; the light blue yarn is Cascade – Avalon – 50% cotton 50% acrylic.  The yellow yarn is Cascade – Sunseeker – 47% cotton 48%acrylic and 5%metallic.  Most yarns were worsted weight, but I think the Polo was more sock weight.
Crochet bath mat


Update:  We have completed our bathroom project and LOVE IT!  You’ll see the rug in front, but you can tell I was more interested in getting the vanity in the pic. Ha! Check out my SharSum Paint website to learn more about this project!bathroom2