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Freezer to CrockPot Meals – Plan to Eat


It’s Sunday, it’s snowing, and we decided today was the day we were going to try out this Freezer to Crockpot cooking marathon.  Danny is off to the grocery store in the blizzard (ha….just kidding….just the first snowfall of the year that is sticking) and I am getting the kitchen ready to go.  I read some tips to have the dishwasher free, cut up all the produce at one time, etc.  I have onions chopped and sausage defrosting in the microwave and I’m ready to go if I just had the rest of those groceries.  Another tip I’m going to try is to put the ingredients in a crockpot liner bag, then put that bag in a freezer bag.  It saves a step and my crockpot stays cleaner.  The tip is you have to use a freezer bag as the liner bag doesn’t do well in the freezer by itself.  I will see if that works and let you know.  Update:  I only tried one and that was for the meatloaf recipe.  Since there is no way to seal these bags, anything with any juices just won’t work well.  So, I’ll be saving the liners for cooking only.


I did a little research and decided to use the website “Plan to Eat”.    Just so you know, this is my own personal recommendation.  I found this site online through Google Search and I am in no way getting anything in return for this recommendation.  My username is (sumnersrs) so if you join up, add me as a friend!

Plan to Eat has a free trial for the first 30 days, then a monthly or a yearly fee.  During Black Friday days, they have a 50% off so I’m going to get the yearly subscription for only $20.00.  I think that is a bargain for all you get with this subscription.  Plus, this is not a conglomerate.  It is a husband and wife team.  She had the idea and he has the technical skills so that worked out well for them.  I know they have the personal touch because I already had forgotten my password and was having trouble getting a link emailed to me.  I asked for assistance by email and he responded quickly.  He sent it again and I saw that one on my phone. I finally realized it was coming through, but my new gmail account I set up stuck it in a “promotions” category I didn’t see.


Adding Recipes: Plan to Eat allows me to pick my own recipes, which I really like.  I’m kind of picky so the sites where the meals are already planned out just don’t do it for me.  This site has it all and more.
There are several ways to add recipes and, as long as the recipe isn’t a graphic, the little bookmarklet you add to your browser, just sucks up the recipe quickly and efficiently.  However, if that doesn’t work, there are other ways to add recipes, too.  You can try typing the URL, or manually enter the recipe.  So that part is very easy!

Planner:  Once you have your recipes added, just drag them over to the days you plan on eating them, and that’s it!  You can add notes, too, and they now have a new feature called “Add to Freezer”.  This will be nice as it will let me know at a glance which meals I have in the freezer.

Shopping List:  The shopping list is automatically generated when you add a recipe to the planner.  It is easily edited so that you can delete things you already have.  There is even a staple section that allows you to pick and add items you need for other things.  Here’s a peek at the list I sent with Danny, all categorized and everything:







I didn’t even bother finding just low calorie type meals this first time.  I figure we will save on calories just by not eating out so much.  I will look for more low calorie as I go along.

So, what are we making today?  In addition to preparing the Freezer to Crockpot meals, we are having an Asian Chicken Wrap I ran into and so I saved that recipe, too.  A couple of things aren’t crockpot, like breakfast burritos and lunch bean and cheese burritos, but we are making up big batches of them to freeze individually.