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Dole Frozen Banana Dippers – Who Knew?


I went grocery shopping today armed with my list of Weight Watcher Plus friendly foods and keeping an eagle eye out for low point snack items.  All week I had been thinking that a good snack would be to dip a banana in chocolate and freeze it, surely that wouldn’t be too many points thanks to that awesome (most) fruit = 0 points  plan.  As I walked past the frozen food section (by the frozen fruits) in Walmart, a colorful box caught my eye.  Wow.  It was meant to be!  I got out my trusty iphone and scanned that baby and…..guess what ?  2 wwplus points!  You get 4 slices in a package and it makes a very nice treat.  I actually got the one with almonds sprinkled on top and they were 3 points, but that was fine by me.  My chocolate banana craving was going to be satisfied.  P.S.  I’ve tried them and they are GREAT!

I did a search for a photo for this post and came across the blog linked below.  So, I was doubly blessed today.  I found a weight watcher blog that I decided to follow.  Gotta love the Internet!

Dole Banana Dippers First, before I chat about… | one step closer.

Link not working?  Leave a comment below and I will check it out!  Thanks.