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First things first – What is Whole 30?

I think the designers of the plan, Doug and Melissa Hartwig summed it up best by stating:  “Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.” – See more at:  Step 1:  Discover the Whole30.  They do have a book that explains the nutrition in much detail, but you can actually get a good idea of the program just from going over the information on their website.  It is not rocket science – just good nutrition.  For 30 days.

Our son and daughter-in-law have started the Whole30 plan and now we are getting ready to jump on the bandwagon.  My niece, Elizabeth had tried it and raved about it so her dad did it, too, with good results.  Here’s a shout-out to Elizabeth’s website, Happy Lark Designs.  She talks a little about her experience with Whole30, but her entire site is worth the read. Elizabeth has a way with words and it is fun to read what she has to say as well as see all the different projects and ideas she has.  Enjoy!

We think Whole30 is a good way to jump-start some much needed changes in our diet, so we are ready to take the plunge.


I know me.  I have good intentions, but sometimes have trouble following through.  If I’m organized and have a plan, it is so much better.  We tried preparing freezer meals before and loved them, so I’m planning on doing that again.  I also realize I need to do some major overhauls in my kitchen and wasn’t sure where to start, so I started doing some research and found this great site.  “Fishmama” put together a list  to help prepare (mostly for her parents to help them get started) so I figured if it was good for her parents, it was good for us.  🙂  This link is to just one part of her site.    How to Prepare for Whole 30  I urge you to go through her whole site for planning, her experience, and recipes.

I’ve summed up Fishmama’s planning tips below, but be sure to go through her list in the above link for more details and worksheets.

1.  Take an Inventory – download Fishmama’s Planning Sheet 

2.  Eliminate what you won’t be using – I like the tip to completely remove these items from the kitchen.

3.  Make a list of meals and a grocery list –  I use the site Plan to Eat and love it.  You insert your recipes and it automatically creates a shopping list that is editable. Here’s a link to my blog about Plan to Eat and preparing freezer to crockpot meals.  I also pinned recipes and sites – Whole30 Pinterest Board

4.  Prep lots of vegetables – My sister-in-law gave me a good tip for storing cut up veggies.  I gave her a divided veggie tray container one time and she just keeps it filled in the refrigerator with the cut up veggies.  Since I have one of those, too, I will be using this tip.

5.  Make some freezer meals –  Yay!  Great minds think alike!

6.  Plan for quick, easy, replacements for take out – this is a biggie for us…we tend to do take out entirely too much!  I think this is why the freezer to crockpot meals worked out so well for us.  We are very busy retirees, so it was nice to come home to our meal waiting for us.

7.  Find “legal” purchased items to stock up on.

8.  Remember your goals – Read Fishmama’s Daily Log for inspiration – hint:  this log contains recipes.  She also includes a link to a review and conclusion of her experience.

Wish us luck and check back here often to see how it is going for us!   We are looking forward to sleeping better, having more energy, helping with aches and pains, and learning to eat more nutritionally.

I hope to keep a daily log of our experience also.  We will see how that plan goes.  : )

Update:  Log was Successful.  Enjoy!

|  Whole30 – Here We Go  |  Week 1 |  Week 2  |  Week 3  |  Week 4  |  Whole30 Recipes  |


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