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Whole30 – Week 4


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Week 4 – Day 22 – Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting close!  Yea!  I can’t believe we are in the home stretch.

Breakfast:  2nd verse same as the first…..eggs, fruit, and watered down oj for me.  I usually like mine fried in ghee.  Danny likes his in the microwave in the little handy dandy as seen on TV microwave egg cooker we’ve had for a long time.

Lunch:  Sauerkraut and legal hot dogs.

After lunch something strange happened.  I started feeling not really sick to my stomach, but not hungry at all.  I never got sick, I just didn’t want anything to eat and had a headache.  I ended up not eating any dinner Monday night, no breakfast, lunch or dinner Tuesday.  I really had my only real craving through all of this Tuesday night.  All I really wanted was a bowl of oatmeal and toast (comfort food for me when I have a stomach ache) but Danny made me be strong.  I’m writing this Thursday night and my appetite still isn’t up to where it was.  I now am wondering if my body is changing in some way that I’m  just not as hungry.  Because, like I said, I never got sick….I just don’t have an appetite.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Update:  This no appetite thing can’t be good.  I did some checking around on the Internet and I think I found the problem.  There are a lot of other people that have experienced this.  I think the problem is I’m not getting enough good carbs, which translates to I’m not eating enough vegetables.  I thought I was.  Gosh, I’m eating more vegetables than I have my whole life.  I guess, though, I was getting carbs my whole life to not have this happen.  They were just not good cars.  So, I’m going to have to really focus on eating more vegetables.  I know I’m getting enough fruit.  One thing I really do like is green beans, so I will just have to eat more green beans!

Dinner:  Danny had left-over almond chicken from Sunday night, green beans, and mango.

Week 4 – Day 23 – Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Breakfast:  Nothing for me….still no appetite.  Danny had his microwave eggs and fruit.

Lunch:  Nothing for me…..still no appetite…I didn’t pay any attention to what Danny had and he can’t remember, either so we will just say that it was something legal.  : )

Dinner:  Danny grilled steak, chicken, burgers and sweet potatoes in the coals.  This was really good as we ate leftovers most of the week.  I was strong so didn’t have my oatmeal and toast , but nothing else sounded good.  Still no appetite.  Cooking was not something I wanted to do at all this week.


Week 4 – Day 24 – Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Breakfast: Finally ate a little breakfast.  one egg and fruit.  Still not very hungry.  Danny had his microwave eggs and fruit

Lunch:  I perked up enough to eat leftover steak and sweet potatoes.  It was pretty darn good.


Dinner:  We had rest of the grilled leftovers.  Back to not very hungry but I had a hamburger patty and some fruit.

Week 4 – Day 25 – Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakfast – Kathy cooked breakfast this morning.  Yea!  Maybe a change  of scenery would help my appetite.  Nope.  I ate it and it was good, but I just didn’t want much.

Lunch – I mixed up chicken salad on spinach and we had fruit, but it just wasn’t as good as last week’s.

I tried a Larabar….Cashew Coconut.  Usually I like Larabars, but not this one today.

Dinner – I felt a little like cooking again.  Tilapia wouldn’t take long.  We had just gotten back from picking up our 1/4 of grass-fed beef.  Wow!  That is an awesome amount of good beef!   I found a recipe that sounded kind of good.  Creamy Coconut Lime Basil Tilapia.  It was good.  The flavor was different enough it reminded us of something you’d get in a restaurant.  I’d make it again. I added it to my Plan to Eat Recipes.  I think it would be even better if my appetite was better.  The potatoes are the little fingerlings we cut in half and sautéed on the stove in coconut spray and sprinkled with Chicago Steak Seasoning.  These are really good.  Spinach got tossed into the fish dish at the end.  I think I will leave the spinach out the next time and serve it separately.  It was a little too mushy for me. And fruit…Fruit still tastes good. I ate it all, except the spinach, so that’s good.  I can see from this plate, I really am lacking in the green vegetables.  If I look back at some of my food pics, I imagine I will see more of that.  I’m glad to know there might be a reason for my lack of appetite and I can now fix that.  I was really enjoying the taste of food, so not caring whether I ate or not has not been fun.  That was such an unusual experience for me.  I never lose my appetite like that unless I’m truly sick.  So, others beware.  It does have a name.  I think I was going into ketosis.  I’ve heard this term, but never knew a symptom was loss of appetite – and I was eating more vegetables than I ever have, so never thought I wasn’t getting enough.  Tomorrow starts:  more vegetables.  I will start with a southwest omelet for breakfast.



Week 4 – Day 26 – Friday, May 1, 2015

Appetite is still off, but is a little better.

Breakfast:  I did feel like making Fajita Omelets in my new Calphalon white ceramic 12″skillet.  I love that thing. It made my omelets look like a chef would make.  At least I got some veggies in with breakfast this way.  And yes, I used a recipe.  Remember, I’m no cook.  I don’t just throw things together.  I tried that once with my friend, Cindy, when we were about 12 years old.  We were going to make a chocolate cake from scratch.  We threw things together alright.  We even borrowed outdated yeast from a neighbor.  You surely need yeast to make a cake rise, right?  We ended up with this compact green thing.  I’m not sure now if we even tried to taste it.  So, I have basically used recipes when I do cook since.  Even then, I sometimes misread the directions or forget things.  Trevor never lets me forget the time I made a Chinese stir fry with a packaged sauce and forgot to add the water.  Remember, not a cook. So, when I say my omelets were professional looking, you better believe it.



Lunch:  I have to admit my appetite is still not up to par, or maybe I was still full from my omelet, but I really didn’t want any lunch.  I ate a handful of nuts and a fit and active natural raspberry fruit roll up for lunch.  I hope this no appetite goes away soon.

On the other hand, today was a good day for my appetite to still be off.  I made cupcakes for Ben’s birthday party tomorrow.  Did not eat any of the batter at all.  That is a miracle!

Dinner:  Trevor, Lydia, and Ben came tonight.  Danny grilled some of our wonderful beef from Henry Meat Company.  Wow!  Danny has been experimenting and  learning to grill steaks and he is doing great. He did learn to salt and pepper good, then baste with ghee.  Sear the meat on high heat on both sides, then move to lesser heat area to continue cooking.  Sweet potatoes go in the coals.  We had a combination of Sirloin, a filet mignon for Lydia, hamburgers, and free range chicken.  I love when he grills like that.  We have lunches for several days after.  Now, that was some good steak – flavorful and really tender.  He also grilled sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, brussel sprouts, and asparagus.  Yes, I ate my asparagus.  I tried a bit of the brussel sprouts, but I am just not a fan.  Sorry, forgot a picture.

Week 4 – Day 27 – Saturday, May 1, 2015

I was a study in self control.  Today was one of those days when it was really needed, so the appetite thing kind of helped a little here.

Breakfast:  Danny got McDonald’s carry out for the others, and I fixed him an omelet and me a fried egg.  We also had watermelon and I had a “real” glass of OJ.  Poor Trevor.  McDonald’s gave him a sandwich with sausage and ham, but forgot the egg.  Ha!  I could have gotten a job at McDonald’s.  I can do that.  We even got Ben his chocolate donuts on Friday and they have been patiently waiting on him.

Then……I had to frost those cupcakes.  They looked good enough to eat.  But I didn’t. Only because my family made me be strong.  Daphney threatened that I would have to start over and at 27 days, I just couldn’t do that.  Ha!  Here are a couple of photos from the party.  Believe it or not, the stickers are edible.  I guess Ben thought if they were, the candle was, too.  So he had a bite of the #3.  Oops.  Saw the idea to display them on a train track with Thomas pulling them on Pinterest, naturally.



Lunch:  This might have been a problem because we had to leave about 11:00 am for the party.  However we got there pretty early.  The Museum of Transportation has a little cafe and had a few healthy things.  I  got a hamburger, and took off the bun, a small package of good almonds, and a good nutrition bar.  This really helped me later with those cupcakes!

Dinner:  Everyone was really tired when we got home.  We ended up going to Applebees for a late dinner.  What to do?  I checked Google on the best thing to eat, but didn’t really find much.  When I got there, I finally decided on just a hamburger patty, broccoli, and dill pickles.  You know what?  It was pretty good and I actually felt hungry eating it.  Maybe my appetite is returning.

Week 4 – Day 28 – Sunday, May 3, 2015

Breakfast:  I fixed my fancy, shmancy omelets for Danny, Trevor, and Lydia.  I fixed myself a fried egg in ghee and added some fruit and my OJ.



Lunch:  My appetite seems a little better.  At least lunch was pretty good.  Chicken breast, green beans and a salad made with Heart of Romaine, Spinach, and the rest of a container of cut up veggies from Trader Joe’s.  Salad dress was Bragg Hawaiian Ginger.  Surely I’m getting enough veggies in this meal.  We ate this great lunch on the deck.  It is beautiful out today.  Used one of my nifty personalized wine glasses.  Great presentation, don’t you think?



Dinner:  We had leftovers from Friday night’s grilling.  A great way to end a great week.  No cooking needed.  Very enjoyable and filling.

Two more days to go!  I’m not going to start a new week post.  I will just add Day 29 – Monday, and Day 30 – Tuesday below.

Week 4 – Day 29 – Monday, May 4, 2015

Breakfast:  Regular eggs fried in ghee and fruit.  Washed it down with my watered down OJ.  Yum

Lunch:  This recipe is definitely a winner.  Paleo Tacos with Purple Cabbage Slaw.  Sooooo good!  So pretty.



Dinner:  Danny went to the ballgame and had a turkey leg.  He came home and had another helping of the taco dish.  I went to Boomers with Karen and Kathy.  I had a hamburger patty and pickles and a salad with no toppings.  Used my own salad dressing.  Lots of good dressings to try on this site.  I made the ranch but it really tasted more like a dill dip.  Still good.  I also had a snack before I went with the dip and carrots.

Fasting until blood test tomorrow.  Will be interested in seeing the results.

Week 4 – Day 30 – Tuesday , May 5, 2015 – We made it!!!!  I definitely have tiger blood in me!!!!

Went for blood test.  Results will show up on my BJC login page in a few hours.

Breakfast:  Same as most days.  Fried eggs in ghee, fruit and watered down OJ.

Lunch:  This was fun.  We had leftover spinach salad and leftover purple cabbage slaw.  I salted and peppered chicken tenders, dredged them in Almost meal and grilled them in Coconut Oil spray on the stove, covering them the last 5 minutes.  Added the strips to the salad greens and topped with the purple cabbage slaw.  Restaurant quality according to Danny’s review.


Checked results of fasting blood test and all was good.  Everything in the normal range!!!!!!

Dinner:  Went to Rolla and had dinner with Lydia and Ben at Colton’s.  Trevor had to work.  Steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  Danny and I declared our Whole30 be over at 6:00 pm, so at 6:30 I had a glass of Pinot Grigio with my dinner.  OMG……it was sooo sweet!  I never thought that before.  It was actually too sweet, but I choked it down somehow.  ; )

Tomorrow and Beyond……plans are continuing doing what we are doing for the most part.  I can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow.  This was a great beginning and we now have plans to get in more exercise and  continue losing weight.


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