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5 Little Pumpkins


As a former teacher and former parent of little ones, I remember making felt boards and how much kids loved them.  I’m guessing they are still being made today, although I don’t hear much about them anymore.  The way my grandchildren love music and rhymes, though, Halloween seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a “felt board” for them.  They are like sponges, soaking up the words and meanings from all the children’s songs we have shared with them.  Watching them, it is truly a fact little ones learn through music.

When Ben was visiting the other day, we made this one for 5 Little Pumpkins.  He’s only 2 1/2, but is learning to sing the song. I haven’t got him on video yet using the felt board, but he is starting to figure it out.  He loves singing 5 Little Pumpkins and loves getting the felt board out when he does.  He just hasn’t made all the connections yet to add the pumpkins while singing the song.  I’m taking it to Lucy and Liam’s house this weekend to try it with them.  Lucy is 4 and Liam is not quite 2.  I’m sure Lucy will be able to figure it out quickly and Liam will be right there with her…. learning, too.  Watch this post for the addition of videos featuring the grands playing with the felt board.

This was really easy to do….nothing much needed but felt and scissors.  This is not really a board, however, back in the day, I would actually make a board or cover a big canvas or something with a large piece of felt fabric for classroom use.  For this one, Ben and I just used pieces of felt and that worked fine. A couple of pieces of my felt had adhesive backing (brown and yellow).  These were nice as the fence and moon pretty much stay in place on the dark purple felt.  I tried to make it look as much like the picture in the video that Ben loves to hear, over and over and over.  🙂 However, my artistic skills are limited, but he loves the felt board all the same.  No particular step by step directions are required.  Just take a look at mine, or better yet, the picture on the youtube video and have fun with your children or grandchildren.

“Grandchildren spell love T-I-M-E.” ~ quote is from the book The Joy of Grandparents

5 Little Pumpkins