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CMV (cytomegalovirus) Awareness – Let’s Get This Stopped!

This is my son, Trevor and his wife, Lydia’s story.  They recently lost their second child, Beau, due to stillbirth at 20 weeks.  Although it was a very difficult decision for them to share this, they knew their story may help others. They had never heard of this infection. I had not, either. You may not have, either. Their purpose is not to scare  other pregnant women, or those wanting to become pregnant,  but to educate all on this common childhood infection, and through education, help others. My heart breaks again, but I am so proud of both of them for sharing their story to raise awareness.  
****I have struggled with if and how to share our story on what happened with Beau. Our stillbirth was the result of cytomegalovirus infection (CMV). We will not be able to try again until the doctor tells us we can. If you are pregnant or will ever be trying please read all of this!1 out of 150 births have congenitalCMV causing more health problems and deaths than downs syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome,neuro tube defects, and pediatric HIV/AIDs. Yet less than 15% of pregnant woman know aboutCMV and its risks (I had never heard of it before).

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