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Lowe’s Pull-Down Shade Hack


This shade hack ideabathroomwindow came about as a final step in my bathroom make-over.My project was completed, but I still had a window that needed treatment.  It is a small casement window, only 21 1/2 inches across on the inside.  I had read on a blog that one person used fabric glue to cover a plastic pull-down shade.  But I already had a shower curtain that had a busy pattern. I didn’t want to introduce more busy.  In fact I had two curtains. Originally, I envisioned using two curtains on my shower and have them meet in the middle.  I had received one for my birthday in July and ordered another one when finally getting around to doing the make-over.

vanity_curtainOops…not a good move.  They were slightly different colors.   I couldn’t return one without paying shipping so I ended up with another curtain in reserve.  It was around $13, I think, so I didn’t have a large amount of money invested in it. I kept staring at the curtain wondering how I could use it (or parts of it) and then thought….if you could use fabric glue on a large piece of fabric over a plastic shower curtain, why not use just parts of it.  So, that’s what I did.

I knew that since the shower curtain was 100% polyester, it wouldn’t ravel much, so I found a couple of gray flowers and cut them out.  Then I glued those babies on my $8 Lowe’s shade I had cut to fit at the store and presto, I had a hack that I kind of like.  It is different, not busy, cost around $21 total (I already had fabric glue) and it ties my gray, white, and yellow bathroom all together.

I love the make-over so much I find myself inventing reasons to visit the bathroom.  LOL

You can click on this link to see how my bathroom make-over came about but here’s a peek at the completed project.  Sorry about the lighting.