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Oscar Blandi Invisible Dry Shampoo


Welcome to Oscar Blandi

Update:  I’ve now tried this on dirty and clean hair and I’m loving it.  First, it leaves your hair with a nice clean citrus smell either way.  Not overpowering, just nice and clean.  I know.  I asked Danny to smell my hair.  He was gullible enough to do that and did notice the nice citrus smell.  My hair anymore really doesn’t look oily when dirty so I didn’t notice a change there, but….I did notice the hold I got with my style big time.  This worked both for clean and dirty hair, so I’m really sold on this product.  For my clean hair, I normally use a volumizing foam, which I still do, but now, once it is dry, I spray the dry shampoo around my roots before styling and work it around with my fingers before styling and I really get a good hold to my style.  I will buy this again.

Who knew dry shampoo has been transformed? Yes, I remember the days of dry shampoo and it looked and felt like you had powder or flour in your hair.  In fact, I remember my sister-in-law playing a trick on one of her brothers in those days and told him he didn’t need to buy that spray dry shampoo stuff to make his hair look cleaner.  All he had to do was put some flour in his hair.  He believed her so he did it.  I believe it took several washings and created quite a mess before it all came out.  When you have 5 brothers you do what you can to hold your own when you are growing up. 🙂

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I can go a lot longer without washing my hair.  In fact, I’ve found that my style does better when my hair isn’t squeaky clean…..does that make sense?  Anyway, one day I decided to do a search for something like “what product helps a style hold like it does on dirty hair” or something like that.  I came up with a treasure trove of products.  After reading about many of them and reading the reviews, I decided to try the Oscar Blandi brand for several reasons.  I did, however, do a search for it on Amazon and found it a little cheaper on Amazon so I ordered it from Amazon.  There was no Prime shipping so I did have to pay shipping, but I like Amazon and it is easy for me to order from there (sometimes a little too easy).  🙂

#1 – it is invisible……yay…..I don’t want to look and feel like I have powder or flour in my hair.

#2 – reviews said it had a nice citrus smell.  I just received mine and thought I’d try it out.  Not only no powdery look, but it does smell nice and clean.  I sure hate the smell of dirty hair, so that is good news.

#3 – reviews said it adds volume.  Well, for those with flat head syndrome (like I sometimes get) that was good to know.  Reviewers even said they used it on clean hair to get that “dirty hair feel”.  I haven’t tried that yet, but I will update #3 when I do style my “dirty” hair and when I try it on clean hair.  Today, though, I don’t have to because I don’t have anywhere to go….just lazing around my house nursing my stiff neck.  Did I say I love retirement?

I know it is a little pricey, but it doesn’t take much when you use it so it should last awhile.  Some of the cheaper ones had such bad reviews, I decided to try this one.

If you’ve tried any of the newer dry shampoos and want to share, please comment below.  Also, let me know if the link is not working, and I will check it out.  Thanks.