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HoodeBaby — Warmwear and Rainwear for Children and Toddlers


  This is my “GREATEST FIND” yet!  Lydia, my daughter-in-law, has a toddler.  She has been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially with winter setting in big time in our area and temperatures dipping as low as -13 degrees, if not lower.  Both Lydia, and my other daughter-in-law, Daphney, have discussed the dangerous combination of coats and car seats. See this November 2013 consumer report.  Not only is it a danger, it is difficult to deal with the winter coat issue and get the kids in coats, get them out of coats, get them in car seats, get them out of car seats, get them in coats, get them into daycare……you get the picture. Daphney has two kids dealing with coats and car seats.  Of course, “Mimi” has the same issues and was looking forward to a solution.  🙂

Lydia envisioned making a hooded blanket of some kind (especially for short trips) that closed under the hood with velcro that she could use to wrap around Ben then get him in his car seat, and if it was still cold in the car, lay the blanket over him after he was all buckled up.  He loves his blanket at night, so she figured he would love a blanket to hold on the way to daycare.  We spent a lot of time searching for something like that already made, or a pattern that, she was hoping, Aunt Trudy would make, but we could never find anything.

Then, tonight, I was searching Pinterest for a “great find” to share and there it was!  Hoodebaby!  This was exactly what Lydia had envisioned.  So soft and warm…..just like Ben’s night blanket!  The colors and patterns are cute, too!  I see Ben and Liam sporting a Hoodebaby in the near future.  Lucy is getting old enough to get her own coat on and off fairly easily.

Mamas with babies and toddlers…..are you tired of struggling with winter coats and realize the danger of putting your children in their car seats with their coats on?  Be sure to read the consumer report above, then click on the link below to learn more about Hoodebaby (and how it got its name).  And while you are on the site…..they even have rainwear, too!

HoodeBaby — Warmwear and Rainwear for Children and Toddlers.