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Serious Meal Planning Ahead


It is time that Danny and I begin to seriously plan healthy meals.  It is especially important for Danny’s health, so I am trying to find a good way to do that. Our major goal is to get him off some of the medicines he is now taking and losing weight will help with that.  I know we will be using mostly weight watcher type recipes as that is what has worked for us in the past.   So, this morning, I’ve been doing a little research on what I think will work best for us.

My son and his wife, Trevor and Lydia, subscribe to a  great meal planning service that has worked well for them for several years now.  It is called eMeals  This is an excellent solution with many different plans to choose from.  It provides the plan for the week, shopping list, etc.  They love many of the recipes that are already planned.

I’m a little more picky with what I like, so I wanted the same type of planning tool, but wanted to use recipes that I pick.  I found that in a very inexpensive site called Plan to Eat.

  • Free 30 day trial, but during November Black Friday, you can get a 50% discount on their regular $39 a year subscription.  They also have a monthly subscription.
  • There are 3 ways to add recipes.  There is a bookmarklet you add to your browser, you can type in a URL, or add your own.  I’ve tried the bookmarket so far and sometimes it will add the recipes and sometimes it won’t.  I have also used the Add Your Own and it works well.  I haven’t tried the URL one yet.
  • Once you have a database of recipes, you drag them to the calendar and a shopping list is immediately created.  You can edit the list and remove things you already have on hand before you go shopping.
  • There is no app needed.  On your iphone (I know it works on an iphone) you just go to the site and login on your iphone.  You will be given directions on how to add the page to your home screen and your shopping list (as well  is available on your iphone, to be checked off as you go.  You also can print your shopping list, if you want.

So far I like what I’m seeing and since it is free for 30 days, I’m going to give it a try.

Wish us success.  We will need all the support we can get keeping on track with this.