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Nicole from NicoleDCreations created the original sunflower wreath shown on my blog.  She has these for sale (unless sold out) on her etsy shop for those interested in purchasing one.  I promised a tutorial on making a DIY version, so here it is.  The tutorial is not professional at all because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  But here it is, anyway.

Materials I used:

1- 16″ twig wire frame from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics

1-12″ wire frame from Hobby Lobby

1-6″ wire frame from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics

black plastic cable ties

2 1/2 yards of yellow burlap from Hobby Lobby

1 pkg of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby

rotary cutter (or scissors) and cutting board


16″ twig frame and 12″ frame Click to enlarge


6″ frame
Click to enlarge

The first thing I did was attach the three frames with black plastic cable ties and then trimmed the ties.

Next, I cut 10″ x 10″squares of the yellow burlap.  The woman cutting the burlap off the bolt for me gave me this tip for cutting burlap.  I had never heard that before, but then again, I’m not sure I ever cut burlap.  Take note:  you get burlap dust all over the place while you are working with burlap.


For the first row, I followed this youtube tutorial, scrunching up one square on a diagonal, then adding a second one.  I attached two at a time, using the green “twigs”.

It was looking pretty full with the burlap, so on the second row, I used only one square for each twig tie.


I was now ready for the center, using the burlap ribbon.  I pretty much followed this youtube video to fill in the center part, kind of winging it as I went along. My main goal was filling up the space.

Stillshot from video

Stillshot from video

And, there you have it.  A DIY version of Nicole’s beautiful sunflower wreath!  What do you think?  Did I “nail” it?

Be sure to scroll past my photos to see my new crafty friend Denise’s version of the sunflower wreath and how she achieved success.  It turned out beautiful, too!



 Denise’s version of the sunflower wreath:

I purchased a 16″ pencil wreath from Michaels and zip tied a smaller wreath form in the center.  I cut 10″x10″ squares from 2 yards of yellow burlap from Hobby Lobby.  Following the Trendy Tree tutorial, I used 2 petals made from the 10″ squares for the bottom (or outer) row.  The next row was 1 petal per twist tie on the next ring of the 16″ form.  Then I did a third row on the inner form I zip tied to the larger wreath form.  I used yellow chenille to tie to the inner form.  That row had 7 single petals.  Next I cut a round circle from cardboard.  I used a 5 yard roll of ribbon burlap to create the center.  I folded the burlap in half and started in the center of the cardboard.  I would make a loop and staple in place on the card board…looping and stapling from the center of the cardboard going in a circle to the outer edge.  I just placed the cardboard in the center from the front and it is staying so far.  I was pleased with the outcome!

Mine turned out to be about 24″.  It looks nice on a front door.  I think it could also be made from a 10″ wreath form.
Denise's version of the sunflower wreath.  I think it turned out beautiful, don't you?

Denise’s version of the sunflower wreath. I think it turned out beautiful, don’t you?


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    • First I sprayed heavy duty spray starch and then I just painted where I was going to cut ….I took a small paint brush with matt mod podge and painted it on the fabric.It makes the edges nice and clean… Burlap frays really bad…


  3. I just came back fro Joanns and they had a sunflower wire frame in the Halloween and Thanksgiving dept. They also had a witch and a large autumn leaf .


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