Sunflower Wreath


Visit my post:  Let’s Build a Sunflower House

sunflower wreathMy friend, Linda, shared this photo of a sunflower wreath on my facebook page. I told her I should make this to go along with the Sunflower House we planted for our grandkids.  It doesn’t look hard she said.  Then, when another friend, Jayne shared it, I knew I had to try.  After all, I was into sunflower themes once before, I could be again.  Besides, it is really bright and cheery for spring/summer.

Linda and I spent two weeks at a university campus the summer we were working on our master degrees, so she remembered the sunflower activity theme I worked on.  She said she couldn’t look at a sunflower without thinking of those 2 weeks.

I started looking into making this and immediately ran into problems.  Bad Facebook – post a pretty picture with no tutorial.  What a shame!   Here comes Google!

Problem #1:  I soon found, what looked like the same photo that featured on my facebook page, but alas – it was an etsy wreath, already created.

Solution #1:  I did find a tutorial for  the basic sunflower shape, however, those materials were paper mesh and won’t work outside.  I found I can order yellow burlap from Amazon if I need to.   I plan to make my own wire frame like the one in the tutorial.  I’m not sure at this point what size frame I will need.

Problem #2:  I didn’t care for the center of that sunflower tutorial.  So, it was off to search Google again.  It looks to me as though the center of the wreath I really liked originally is one of those twisted burlap ones.

Solution #2:  I found a tutorial for a twisted burlap wreath that I really liked and thought I could follow.  I know I can find burlap ribbon on Amazon, too.

Problem #3:  How to marry the two things??

Solution #3:  I think I may have to fashion another smaller frame within the frame of the original sunflower.  The basic sunflower tutorial shows how to add another circle to make the center.  I think I will have to add another complete frame or make one so that I can do the twisty thing with the ribbon and get the kind of center the photo shows.  We will see.  I will have to look at frames and wires and decide.  When I figure it out, I will post it here.

So once I figure out those frames, I will be ready to try.

Gee, thanks, Linda and Jayne, for giving me yet one more project to attempt to nail.  🙂

Stay tuned!  This could turn out to be a disaster. Possibly an expensive disaster.

Thanks for all the help with your likes and comments.  After viewing the video Sandy posted, I saw another youtube link on the side.  I tried it, and I think I found something that will work!  It looks easy enough even I could do it.  Yea!

If I’m lucky and “nail” this, I will post a pic.  Now, off to a hobby store to get one of those wire frames they used in the video and some burlap, or thanks to a comment from Pat, some heavy netting!

Whew!  I found all the needed supplies and fabric.  See comments for a discussion on the materials. First of all, the main frame I ended up using created a  huge wreath, but it does stand out on my door, that’s for sure!  I’m posting pics for now and will try to do a little tutorial on everything I used and link it here when finished.   Here’s my tutorial for the Sunflower Wreath DIY.




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  1. Hi, Have you given any thought to using netting that is in the fabric dept. like for weddings etc. that would hold up outside and it does come in both fine weave and larger weave. you could make the petals and stem them as you would anything else that you make wreaths with like at Christmas etc. wire and floral tape or a pick machine if you are lucky to own one. Just a thought for you. That also holds it’s shape in the weather (even used in funeral arrangements) I used to be a floral designer in a shop. Just giving you food for thought. Good luck, Misty

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    • That’s a great thought, Misty. I didn’t know netting came in a larger weave. Maybe I could put two pieces together if not opaque enough. I will have to check into that. Thanks.


    • Yes, Pat. The sunflower part is attached to one of those in the first tutorial. But I don’t like the center they used. The circle they came up with won’t work to do the twisted ribbon look in the photo. I’m hoping to find a smaller wire wreath frame to attach to the inside of the larger one.


  2. Lol! I have to laugh at your post because when I created this wreath, that center drove me INSANE!!! I took me forever to come up with this one! I so appreciate everyones likes and shares and comments !! Thank you so much Nicole D Creations!

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    • Your original one is beautiful, Nicole! I saw a lot of people wanted someone to make them one, so I thought I’d give your etsy shop a shout-out. I hope I’m on the right track for a good center wire. Can’t wait to get to a hobby store to see their wire frames. : )


      • Denise, the photo is a wreath created by Nicole @ It is paper mesh. I am going to try to “nail” a DIY of it, and am using hers for inspiration. : ) I think Nicole’s is beautiful, too. I wish I had her talent.


  3. Thank you for such great directions for making this wreath. I would prefer the yellow burlap. The Amazon link for the yellow burlap does not work. Has anyone found another source? I would love to make one. Thanks guys!


  4. I hope you can post a tutorial on this Sharsum. I do not like the paper mesh that they are using. I like the fabric mesh that you have picked out. Would “love” to make one of these!


    • I will try to do that. I will probably use colored burlap, but I’m going to look at the heavy netting, too. I’d never heard of heavier netting. It might be easier to work with than burlap. I will let you know. I’m heading to craft and fabric shops today.


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    • Thanks, Denise! I went to Jo-Ann’s. They did have some poly mesh that was really neat, but no yellow. I got some heavy netting really cheap, but I wasn’t that happy with it. I will go to Hobby Lobby. I did find a 12″ wire frame and a 6″ wire frame that I can attach to the 12″ one like Trendy Tree did with the plastic ties. The 6″ will allow me to do the weaving of the ribbon. I will attach the wires to the 12″ frame as the twig frame shows. I can’t wait to get started!


      • Hobby Lobby also had 5″ burlap ribbon I plan to use for the center. I’m planning to attach 2 frames together also. I hope to create this beauty this afternoon. Please post pics of your creation. I will do likewise.

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      • I got the burlap (40% off coupon) and the ribbon. It was on sale for 50% off yea! I saw the had a twig wire frame do I got one of those, too. I made my husband stand in line to get 40% off it. So I didn’t feel to bad about getting yet another frame. 😉 Thanks again for the tip about Hobby Lobby.


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    • I can’t wait to see it, Denise! I’m not seeing anyway for you to do that right now on the blog itself. I’ll check into it. I suspect it is because I don’t own it. WordPress does I am going to send you an email. If you would reply to it with your photo attached, I will post it on my tutorial post and credit you. That would be fun to get a lot of others’ creations. So anyone else that would like their DIY’s posted, please reply here. Thanks.


      • Thank you for posting my picture. I hope others will be inspired to try it. I thought it was fairly easy to create. I would like to find a better wreath frame. I think I will check out JoAnns next. I think I will try it with a 10″ frame as well.

        Thank you for the inspiration!


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  7. I just finished one using yellow burlap from hobby lobby. I didn’t like that the color wasn’t as bold and the burlap isn’t stiff…so my solution…a can of bright yellow spray paint!! Brightened up the color and made the burlap stiff!!


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