Whole 30 – Week 2


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Week 2 – Monday, Day 8:  April 14, 2015

It was a busy weekend and starting off to be a busy week. We are keeping almost 3 year old Grandson Ben this week.  Sure getting our exercise in there!  We need a marathon grocery shopping expedition, but for now, we are buying as needed.  Spices – I can’t believe how I go through spices now.  : )

Breakfast:  Yep….eggs  (fried in ghee – yum) and fruit again.

Lunch:  chicken and leftover salad – which was still very crisp.  Store in a covered glass bowl.

Snack:  nuts and grapes (lunch was not as filling as it should have been)

Dinner:  Dinner was great!  Danny grilled steak, sweet potatoes, and asparagus on the grill.  We must have been hungry because we devoured it.  It looked great, too, but alas….no photos.

Week 2 – Tuesday, Day 9:  April 15, 2015

Breakfast:  Fried eggs in ghee and fruit, including Mango.  Love Mango.

Lunch:  Outdid myself with lunch today and all with leftovers.  This is one thing I like on this plan.  You get so much food and basic supplies in, it is easier to find things to make.  So, I made tuna fish salad over a bed of spinach and lettuce.  Tuna, homemade mayo, dill pickle relish, celery, cut up grapes, and cut up apples.  Yum!  I used Starkist packed in olive oil, but then washed most of the olive oil off.  I really think this was better than the tuna packed in water for some reason.

Dinner:  It’s Tuesday – so Boomer’s night!  Same as last week.  We brought our own shrimp cocktail and salad dressing and ordered shrimp and chicken.

Snack:  nuts and grapes

Week 2 – Wednesday, Day 10:  April 16, 2015

We so need to go grocery shopping.  Today was really a chicken day.

Breakfast:  Once again, those fried eggs in ghee.  And grapes.

Lunch:  Chicken, fruit, and fresh broccoli with homemade mayo used as dip.

Dinner:  Chicken again, but really dressed it up.  We both though it was awesome.  I used this recipe, but used free range chicken, almond flour, olive oil, and organic chicken broth.  Served it over a bed of spaghetti squash.

Tomorrow – Trip to St. Louis and Whole Foods.  Yea!  Must work on a list.

Week 2 –Thursday, Day 11:  April 17, 2015

We went to Whole Foods today, but first things first….breakfast!

Breakfast:  We decided to try breakfast at another favorite spot, DuKumInn.  They serve a western omelet with veggies.  We had them leave out the cheese.  It wasn’t bad for a meal I didn’t have to make.  I should have had a glass of orange juice, I realized later.  I know it was a pretty skimpy breakfast, but the funny thing was I didn’t get hungry while shopping.  That could be really dangerous,

We picked up more coconut oil, ghee, chili powder, and light olive oil (boy, we go through a lot of those items) and some coconut aminos. I’m not sure why I need the coconut aminos, but remember several recipes calling for it.  We also bought a whole chicken to put in the crockpot, chicken thighs, brats and hot dogs, some already cooked chicken strips, and some ground pork to make sausage.  And…..BACON!…..I have been missing bacon.  We bought the good for you kind.  We can’t seem to find it around here.  We also bought 2 bottles of Bragg salad dressings, a Hawaiian Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegarette.  We mostly purchased things we couldn’t find around here and what we knew we were running low on.

Snack:  Since we had a skimpy breakfast, I was getting hungry after we started home, so had a blueberry Larabar.  That was good.

Lunch: We came home, put away groceries and I fixed lunch….what else?  Bacon and Tomato sandwiches on a lettuce wrap.  That was really good.

Dinner:  Made a trip to Travis and Daphney’s so Danny could take Lucy to ball practice.  Daphney fixed dinner.  We had a great spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash and watermelon.  Another meal I didn’t have to cook.  Yea!

Snack:  Mixed nuts

Week 2 –Friday, Day 12:  April 18, 2015

Today was a challenge, but I was up for to it!  I had an all-day training to do in St. Louis.  What to do about meals???  Eat on the run and pack a lunch.

Breakfast:  I had 2 hard-boiled eggs in the car with grapes.  I also had water  with me and a cup of coffee.

Lunch:  I packed a lunch of salad with chicken breast strips.  I used a separate container for some of the Bragg Salad dressing. The chicken was from Whole Foods.  I will get this again.  I bought one to keep in the fridge and one for the freezer.  I also packed fruit and a Larabar.  While everyone else enjoyed JimmyJohn sandwiches, I happily ate my packed lunch.  I was, however, eyeing all the candy I brought them, but didn’t waver.  P.S.  I left all the candy there.  Good girl!


Snack:  I had the Larabar on the way home.

Dinner:  I was beat after my all day in-service.  I’m not used to working a full day,  Ha!  Danny grilled the chicken thighs (which I had marinated in the Hawaiian Ginger dressing, brats, and hot dogs and roasted sweet potatoes in the coals.  We had a salad with the new salad dressing.  Great easy meal for me since he was doing all the cooking.

Week 2 –Saturday, Day 13:  April 19, 2015

Breakfast:  We had hard boiled eggs today along with something interesting.  I read about this recipe.  It sounded pretty interesting so I thought I’d give it a try.  I added some legal coconut while mine was cooking.  It may sound strange and look strange, but when finished, I topped it with fresh sliced strawberries and I could swear I was eating and broken up banana/coconut muffin.  I know, I know…..you are supposed to try to recreate those forbidden foods, but who knew a mashed banana and an egg could taste so good?


Lunch:  By this time Trevor and Lydia came to visit.  Danny and Trevor had leftovers from last night’s grill party.  I made Lydia a really, really good chicken salad with the chicken strips left over from Thursday’s lunch stash.  I’m really getting good at the chicken salad thing.  I do like chicken salad.


Dinner:  Beautiful evening and time for another grilling session.  Tonight we had ribeye steak, baked potato, sweet potato, and green beans.  What a great meal plan!  I’m really liking this Whole30 thing.

Snack:  Definitely had to have snacks this evening.  Went to a Trivia Contest.  We did not cheat at all!  We brought veggies and a legal dip, Larabars, and drank water.  Such willpower!  Can’t quit now!

Week 2 –Sunday, Day 14:  April 20, 2015

Breakfast:  I made homemade sausage patties, fried eggs in ghee with strawberries.  I used a different recipe this time, but still haven’t found the perfect one yet.  I’ve decided I am going to buy orange juice.   It is legal, but Whole30 advises to eat the fresh fruit and limit the juices. I have had orange juice almost every morning my whole life.  I have, in the past, fixed a glass of water and poured just enough juice in it to top it off.  Just getting the flavor of the fresh juice is enough to make me happy.

Lunch:  Lunch was fend for yourself today as I had a shower to attend.  Danny had a sausage patty, nuts, a tangerine, and a banana.  I had a couple of handfuls of nuts to tide me over until dinner.  I am happy to say I did not eat anything at the shower.   Before I left for the shower, I gave Danny instructions for roasting the whole chicken in the crockpot for our own rotisserie chicken.  You be the judge on how his chicken turned out.


Dinner:  As you can see from the pic, we balled up aluminum foil to rest the chicken on and put veggies around the bottom.  You can wrap potatoes in foil, but we had leftovers from last night.  And now we will have left over chicken.  Directions included leaving in the juices, throwing the bones back in and pretty much filling it with water.  Then cook on low for 12 hours.  When finished, strain the bones out and save the great chicken stock for other things.  So, that’s what we are doing.

And there you have it!  Two weeks on Whole30 and we haven’t cheated yet!  We are feeling good, have energy and can feel the pounds melting away.  Kind of.  We shall see.  Keeping this journal is a way for us to keep track of some great recipes as well as to keep us honest.  : )

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