Crocheted Coat Cowl – Easy Peasy and Oh, So Cute!


IMG_0562[1]As Beef Stroganoff cooks away in the crockpot thanks to my first Freezer to Crockpot meal (see earlier post), I have so much time on my hands I decided to add a post about a crochet pattern I recently came across and love.

Meet the Nebula Cowl!











I have made two of these coat cowls so far.  They are so easy to do.  I timed it and I can make one in just about two hours if I worked nonstop.  The pattern detail is so pretty (click on the images to see the detail) and the cowl lays so flat across the chest, it is not at all bulky under a coat.  It is very soft, curling nicely around the neck, which makes it very warm. This cowl would also look good over a turtleneck sweater.  The pattern called for bulky yarn but I used regular worsted weight. I think that makes for a softer cowl.  Now my question is….do I like two buttons or three? What do you think?

Who knows….maybe I will try to sell a few of these this winter.

Here’s the free pattern –  found on Ravelry.  Enjoy!


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  1. That’s a great idea. There may need to be more than 3 buttons, though, to get them closer together. The top and bottom have to be there to hold the edges together.


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