Programmable Doorbells – Music to my Grandkids’ Ears!


Who knew when I bought a brand new NuTone Concerto Musical Chime Doorbell many years ago for 5 bucks that I would have so much fun with it over the years.  Not only did it come with 50 pre-coded tunes, you can also translate sheet music.  Alas, this little jewel is a relic and when it no longer continues to work, we will be very sad.  I’ve searched for them on ebay.  I only saw one expired listing.  I don’t know if it was the same model but the price had been $299 so I don’t believe so.  Ha!

Thanks to Mabel Jean Noe for those piano lessons all those years ago, even though I can’t play very well (Ok….I still have The Spinning Song memorized – at least some of it – and will entertain all those within hearing distance when I see a piano) I can pick out a tune.  The height of laziness is when I downloaded a piano app to my ipad so I could pick out tunes rather than go upstairs to my keyboard.  See why I love technology?

I have added many songs through the years and it is especially fun to program songs my grandkids love.  They can’t wait to ring the doorbell when they come to my house….sometimes, over and over.  For Halloween, it was the Halloween Song.  Lucy’s eyes lit up when she recognized the song playing on the video she has been enjoying.

We are getting ready to celebrate Liam’s 2nd birthday at my house this weekend.  Liam and his cousin, Ben, love Thomas and Friends!  So, I found some easy sheet music, picked out the tune, and now I can’t wait for them to ring the doorbell when they get here!

And now – for your listening pleasure –  Thomas and Friends Theme Song


Happy Birthday, Liam!


Percy the Halloween prop
















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