Donut Thursday – “Homemade” Canned Biscuit Donuts


Retirement is so much fun.  I’m all alone this morning, enjoying my day, and hungry.  I saw I had a can of biscuits in the refrigerator.  My cousin, Kim, had reminded me recently of the “homemade” donuts I used to make when she and my kids were little so I thought I’d give them a try again.  Wow!  I forgot how good they were.

I am the first to admit I’m a terrible cook.  My kids constantly remind me that they never knew what “french” toast really was until they got older.  It seems they thought it was toast from the toaster with syrup poured over it.  Silly kids.  But, these….perfection!  Almost.

I just happened to have Pillsbury Flake, Jr. biscuits so that’s what I used.  I just pinched the centers out and saved them to make 3 donut holes.  donuts1While I was doing that, I heated some oil in a skillet on the stove.  Be careful!  You don’t want to get your oil too hot or you’ll get something like this!!!!  Just saying.  Hey, I said I wasn’t much of a cook, didn’t I?donuts2

Now that I think about it, maybe just a medium heat, enough that when you put the biscuit in, it will start turning golden on the bottom and you can let it cook on that side for a bit before turning it over. They do cook quickly so don’t overcook. Tip:  Learned from experience – Do one at a time to test your oil…not 4 at once.  I may have to eat the very well done ones later, though.


Immediately after taking your”golden brown” donuts out of the skillet, drop them into a bowl of sugar and coat.

That’s it!  You’ll now have really, really great tasting “homemade” donuts.  They are best eaten right away, but that won’t be a problem.  How about this Saturday morning breakfast at your house, Daphney, Travis, Lucy, and Liam?  I’ll make them.  Lucy can help!







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