Frozen Finger Puppet Patterns – The Idea Room


Frozen Finger Puppet Patterns – The Idea Room.  Click on the link for directions on downloading the patterns.

A big thank you to Amy from The Idea Room for sharing her Frozen finger puppet patterns.  The directions and patterns were very easy to follow and the hot glue gun worked perfectly with the felt.  My 4-year-old granddaughter and I had so much fun making these. I had purchased some colored glitter glue at the Dollar Store and that kept her busy while I cut out and glued the pieces, according to the colors she chose. We had so much fun playing with them afterwards. She even, at one point, had her Maw Maw Corliss, Pop Pop, and Paw Paw Don involved.  Paw Paw Don made a great Sven!   She insisted Maw Maw Corliss talk in a low man’s voice as Kristoff, and Pop Pop’s Olaf got an ambulance ride to the North Mountain for a new snow cloud.  Lucy was Anna (of course, because she always is) and I was Anna.  Hans had to remain in exile this time as “he was mean.” Here’s Lucy’s Frozen finger puppets. frozenfingerpuppets1

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