Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad – Using the “As Seen on TV” Veggetti

Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad – Using the “As Seen on TV” Veggetti

New kitchen gadgets are my downfall.  This is a strange phenomenon as I don’t cook much at all.  No matter…..I still like to collect them.

One of my Facebook friends posted a pic of  veggie “noodles” she made with a Spiralizer.   I had no idea what that was so I did a Google Search.  I found out there were several different kinds.  I found this pic on Amazon, so I’m guessing this is what she used.


Click on the photos for larger view.

I was finding myself wanting to try this, too.  Then, I checked my email this morning, and there is an email from my Skinnytaste newsletter…and would you believe the recipe mentioned using a Spiralizer?  That was too strange.  So, now, I really wanted something that would make my veggies look like noodles, too.

Unfortunately, I live in a small town.  I didn’t want to wait for Amazon, and besides, it wasn’t Prime.  So, I thought and thought.  I started thinking that maybe that “As Seen on TV” stuff had something like that.  Sure enough, they do.  It is called the Veggetti.  Well, it’s not exactly like a Spiralizer.  It is smaller and quite a bit cheaper, about 1/2 the price at $14.98.  Best of all, though, an online search told me my local Wal-Mart had it. So off to Wal-Mart I went so I could fix myself a spiralized (kind of) Greek salad for lunch.  Danny had to work so he missed out.

I did get the spirals.  I was a little disappointed, though, on how wet the cucumber and resulting spirals were.  I possibly didn’t dry it well enough after washing.  I also peeled it, and I don’t think I would do that next time.  After I looked at the recipe close, it looked like the peel was still on it.  I also used an English cucumber like the recipe called for.  I think I might try a regular one next time.  That might have helped with the wetness problem, too.  However, I did get good spirals.  Update:  When I read the reviews it said to leave the peel on at the end so it will grip the holder.  I guess it pays to read directions.


The Veggetti actually had pretty good reviews on Amazon.  It is Prime and is actually cheaper than Wal-Mart since there is no shipping.

Veggetti Cucumber

So, I blotted the spirals as dry as I could (without taking too much time as I was really hungry) and made my Skinnytaste Spiralized Cucumber Salad.  It wasn’t as crunchy as I would have liked, but it was really good.

Here is the Skinnytaste Recipe for Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad

If you haven’t seen this site before you are in for a treat.  Wonderful recipes and she includes the nutrition and Weight Watcher points, too!  Go on, you can tell me.  I’ve got big shoulders.  Her salad looks better than mine, I know.  🙂

Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad

All in all, I like my little Veggetti.  I will use it again.


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