Mosquito Repellent Plants


While re-doing our deck, and searching out information on decks (link to this project will come later), I’ve been running across sites that mention putting certain plants in containers on your deck that naturally repel mosquitoes.  One in particular seems to be the best. This is lemon grass.  One of the sites mentioned buying mature plants in Asian groceries or the supermarket.  It seems it is cheaper in Asian markets.  Some mention you can find it at whole foods.  Others say that if you separate the stalks and root them; it is very easy to grow more.  I will definitely be searching out some lemon grass.  And here’s how to root it!  Root and Plant Lemon Grass
lemongrassThe following blog has a good list and even explains how helpful these plants can be in other ways, too.  Gardening And More: Mosquito Repellent Plants.


I already have a start  – I have a container of herbs which includes basil, one of the plants listed as a good repellent.


I also have another excellent location of basil.  Years ago, I planted some around our pond.  It actually grew out of control and I tried to get rid of it, but every year it comes back.  Who knew it was a mosquito repellent?  I don’t even know why I planted it.  However, now I’m going to make sure to leave it and hope for continual spread.  I’ll also remember to “brush” it every now and again.

Now that I have a start for repelling mosquitoes so I can enjoy my deck, it would be nice to have a deck to enjoy.  We will…….if it ever stops raining, which will produce more mosquitoes.  See, I really need that deck finished.


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