Borax – It Has Many Uses


Last week I made glitter glue slime with the Lucy and Liam.  It took me awhile to find Borax and when I did it came in a 4 lb. 12 oz. box.  I needed two teaspoons.  Leftovers!!!!  Since I hadn’t even thought of Borax for years, I wondered what to do with the leftover borax.   Yes, I knew it was a “laundry booster” and I vaguely remember possibly using it to soak diapers when the kids were little, but don’t have any diapers to soak and wasn’t sure what boosting my laundry really meant.  Then I started really looking at the back of the box (I’ve had a lot of practice reading the backs of cereal boxes so I was curious).

It seems Borax has been all natural since 1891 (I guess that means it was natural before natural was cool).  So I looked at the ingredients.  There is one item.  Sodium tetraborate (a natural mineral).  I read more.  It is also a Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner.  It removes stains and neutralizes odors.  How about that!  Here’s some uses I found on the back of the box.

  • baby clothes
  • laundry stains
  • toilet bowls
  • delicates
  • hard water
  • carpets and rugs
  • garbage disposals and sinks
  • microwaves
  • dishwasher
  • bathroom and kitchen – cleaning and deodorizing
  • learn more uses at

I have now found some ways to use up the left over borax, and I might possibly be buying more if it works well.  I plan on starting out with using it as a laundry booster with towels…let me rephrase that.  I will have Danny use it as a laundry booster with towels as he does the laundry.  Yes, I know.  I trained him well.   I also plan on using it in the dishwasher to get my dishes sparkling clean. Yes, he’s getting better at using the dishwasher.





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    • Dear Eye Roller,

      He had practice doing his own laundry (as did your husband) so he basically knew what to do. At first, though, I wouldn’t let him do mine for fear he would ruin my clothes. But as He got better and better I allowed him to do mine, too. Truthfully, he started doing laundry to help out and also to make sure he had clean laundry. He used to make me put my laundry away, but sometimes now he even puts the hang ups in my closet. He knew I worked hard, too, with kids and work and since he knew how to do laundry this is one way he could help. Your husband might want to take note that his father never complained and that your husband always had clean clothes once his father started doing laundry so maybe possibly this could be his way to pay it forward (with a smile and no complaining). Plus, I brag on him a lot. Feels needed. Keeps him doing it. Gosh, I feel like Dear Abby!


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