Glitter Glue Slime


Update:  We made glitter glue slime (see below) and it was so much fun!  Here’s our photo story.


Lucy and Buddy gather materials

Add glue to bowl

Lucy adds the whole bottle of glue into the bowl…..because she can do it herself.

Buddy takes notes

Buddy takes notes so he’ll know what to do when it is his turn.

Add glue to bowl with some help

Ask for help adding glue….because t is hard to squeeze it out.

Add 1tablespoon water to glue

Add 1 tablespoon water to glue and stir


measure borax

measure 1 tsp. borax


Add 1 tsp. borax to 1 cup of water

Add 1 teaspoon borax to 1 cup of water


Add borax mixture

Add borax mixture to glue and water mixture and start mixing with hands. bounces, too!

Ta….da……it bounces, too!


Now it's Buddy's turn

Now it’s Buddy’s turn


Lucy helps mix Buddy's slime

Lucy helps Buddy. This is what it looks like when first mixing, but keep mixing and soon it will form a ball.


sign holder

Look, you can make a sign holder!


slice bread

Look! You can make bread and cut it into slices

I’ll be babysitting with the grandkids, Lucy and Liam, on Friday and I like to try to find things to do with my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, Lucy.  You can only play princesses so long (when she is in control of the script) and with the weather this week, we need some fun things to do inside. Liam, at 14 months, is still pretty good at just following along and entertaining himself, but I think he’ll like it, too.  So, ok….maybe I won’t make him play with the pink slime.  I’ll get two colors.  You can store these and use them again for awhile, so that should work.)  I found this slime idea the other day, so I’ll be off to the store to get “hot pink”  and maybe “lime green” Elmers Glitter Glue and borax.  Borax?  I haven’t heard much out of borax since the days of “Death Valley Days” on TV and the twenty mule team borax commercials.  You know the one I mean.  You don’t?  Then watch this.  But I guess I’m dating myself. Stayed tuned for pics.  I’ll let you know how it works.  But, with hot pink glitter, I can’t go wrong, right?

Link not working?  Please reply in the box below, and I will check it out.  Thanks.


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